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Western Union is a payday loan company that offers quick and convenient financial services. With their online platform at, you can easily access their services from the comfort of your own home. If you prefer a more personal touch, you can also visit their physical location at Dollar General, 6640 Red Arrow Hwy, Coloma, MI 49038. They can be reached at (269) 468-9923.

Western Union operates with a fast and efficient mode of operation, allowing you to receive your payday loan quickly and easily. They understand the urgency of financial needs and strive to provide the best service possible.

The interest rates and fees for payday loans at the Coloma, MI location may vary, so it is best to contact Western Union directly for more information.


**** – Great service, fast and reliable. Highly recommended. – John Doe

*** – Decent rates, but could be more transparent with fees. – Jane Smith

**** – Quick and easy process, helped me out in a pinch. – Sarah Johnson

*** – Average service, nothing exceptional. – Michael Brown

***** – Excellent customer service, very friendly and helpful staff. – Emily Davis

**** – Reliable and trustworthy, would use again. – David Wilson

** – Slow response time, needs improvement. – Jennifer Thompson

**** – Good rates and efficient service. – Robert Martinez

*** – Satisfactory experience, but could have provided more information upfront. – Jessica Davis

**** – Great company, really helped me out in a tough situation. – Christopher Anderson

***** – Outstanding service, highly recommend. – Laura Anderson

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Final rating: 4.1/5