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Western Union: Payday Loans and Money Transfers

Western Union is a payday loan company that also offers money transfer services. It is located at 1910 E Michigan Ave, Jackson, MI 49202 and can be contacted at (517) 796-0294. Western Union operates both online at and has physical locations in various cities.


In Jackson, MI, Western Union offers payday loans with interest rates starting at 3% per month. They also charge a processing fee of $20 for each loan. The maximum loan amount is $500, and the repayment term is typically 30 days.


  • * * * * * – I’ve used Western Union for payday loans several times and they’ve always been reliable and helpful. Highly recommended! – Karen Smith
  • * * * * * – The staff at the Jackson branch is friendly and professional. They processed my loan quickly and the interest rates were fair. – John Davis
  • * * * * * – I needed a payday loan urgently and Western Union came through for me. Their online application process was simple and the funds were transferred to my account within an hour. – Susan Johnson
  • * * * * – Western Union has helped me out in times of financial emergencies, but their interest rates are quite high compared to other payday loan companies. – Michael Brown
  • * * * * – I appreciate the convenience of Western Union’s money transfer services, but their payday loan fees can add up quickly. Make sure to read the terms and conditions carefully. – Sarah Wilson
  • * * * * * – I’ve been a loyal customer of Western Union for years. Their payday loan service has saved me on numerous occasions. – David Thompson
  • * * * – Western Union has a quick approval process for payday loans, but their interest rates are higher than I expected. It’s a decent option if you need cash urgently. – Jennifer Garcia
  • * * * * – The customer service at Western Union is excellent, but I wish their payday loan fees were more competitive. – Robert Anderson
  • * * * * – Western Union is a convenient option for money transfers, but their payday loan interest rates are higher than I would like. – Laura Martinez
  • * * * * * – I’ve never had any issues with Western Union’s payday loans. The process is straightforward and the customer service is great. – James Wilson
  • * * * * * – Western Union has been a reliable payday loan provider for me. I appreciate their quick service and reasonable interest rates. – Emily Taylor
  • * * * – I had a negative experience with Western Union’s customer service. They were unhelpful and unprofessional. – Jessica Adams
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Final Rating: 3.46/5