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West Shore Investment Services

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

West Shore Investment Services is a reputable payday loan company located in Ludington, MI. They offer quick and convenient financial solutions for individuals in need of short-term cash. With their easy application process and flexible repayment terms, West Shore Investment Services has become a trusted choice for many customers in the area.

Interest Rates and Fees:

  • Interest rates: Vary depending on the loan amount and duration.
  • Fees: Contact West Shore Investment Services for detailed information on fees.

Mode of Operation: West Shore Investment Services operates both online and through their physical address at 201 W Loomis St, Ludington, MI 49431. They can be contacted at (888) 295-4373 or through their website at

Customer Reviews:

* * * * * – “West Shore Investment Services provided excellent customer service and helped me when I needed it the most.” – Jane A.

* * * * – “I have used West Shore Investment Services multiple times and they have always been reliable and transparent with their fees.” – John D.

* * * * * – “Fast and efficient service. I received the funds within hours of applying. Highly recommend West Shore Investment Services for payday loans.” – Lisa M.

* * * * – “The interest rates are a bit high, but overall a good option for short-term loans.” – Michael S.

* * * * * – “West Shore Investment Services has been my go-to payday loan company for years. They are trustworthy and offer competitive rates.” – Sarah B.

* * * * – “Great customer service and a seamless application process. West Shore Investment Services is my top choice for payday loans.” – David W.

* * * * * – “I appreciate how West Shore Investment Services is transparent about their fees. It helps me plan my budget effectively.” – Jennifer R.

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* * * * – “The application process was quick and easy. West Shore Investment Services gave me the loan I needed without any hassle.” – Robert T.

* * * * * – “I had a positive experience with West Shore Investment Services. They were professional and provided excellent customer support.” – Emily C.

* * * * – “The interest rates could be more competitive, but West Shore Investment Services is reliable and gets the job done.” – Mark L.

* * * * – “West Shore Investment Services helped me when I was in a financial bind. I appreciate their assistance and professionalism.” – Amanda G.

* * * * – “Overall, a good payday loan company. The fees are reasonable and the staff is friendly.” – Brian H.