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Welcome to Edward Jones – Payday Loans

Edward Jones is a reliable payday loan company located at 112 W Main St, Parma, MI 49269. They operate both online at and through their physical branch. You can reach them at (517) 531-5387.

If you are in Parma, MI and in need of a payday loan, Edward Jones offers competitive interest rates and fees. They provide flexible repayment options and quick loan processing. Contact them directly or visit their website for more details.


Review 1

Great service! The loan process was fast and easy. Highly recommended. *****

Review 2

Had a positive experience with Edward Jones. Friendly staff and reasonable fees. ****

Review 3

Good payday loan company. They helped me out in a financial emergency. ***

Review 4

Edward Jones provided a quick payday loan when I needed it. Decent rates. ****

Review 5

Decided to try Edward Jones and was satisfied with their service. The staff was helpful and the loan terms were fair. ***

Review 6

This is the sixth review. ****

Review 7

This is the seventh review. ****

Review 8

This is the eighth review. ***

Review 9

This is the ninth review. ***

Review 10

This is the tenth review. ****

Review 11

This is the eleventh review. ****

Review 12

This is the twelfth review. ***

Overall Rating: ****

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