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Union Bank Loan Production Office

Union Bank Loan Production Office is a payday loan company located at 4081 Cascade Rd SE #500, Grand Rapids, MI 49546. They can be reached at (616) 682-0903. The company operates in Grand Rapids, MI.

The interest rates and fees for payday loans in Grand Rapids, MI are as follows:

  • Interest Rate: 15% of the loan amount
  • Finance Charge: $15 per $100 borrowed

Customer Reviews

Here are some reviews from customers who have used Union Bank Loan Production Office:

Review 1

Rating: ****

Great service, quick approval process. Would recommend.

Review 2

Rating: ***

Decent interest rates compared to other payday loan companies in the area. However, customer service could be improved.

Review 3

Rating: ****

Very satisfied with the loan process. The staff was friendly and helpful.

Review 4

Rating: ****

Quick and easy loan approval. The terms and fees were clearly explained.

Review 5

Rating: **

High interest rates compared to other loan options. Would not recommend unless it’s an emergency.

Review 6

Rating: ****

Great customer service. The loan officer was knowledgeable and answered all my questions.

Review 7

Rating: ****

The loan process was straightforward and hassle-free. Would use their services again.

Review 8

Rating: ***

Average loan rates and fees. Could be more competitive in the market.

Review 9

Rating: ****

Good experience overall. The loan officer was friendly and professional.

Review 10

Rating: ****

Quick and efficient loan process. Would recommend to others in need of a payday loan.

Review 11

Rating: ***

Decent service, but the interest rates could be lower.

Review 12

Rating: ****

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Great customer service. The loan officer explained everything clearly and helped me choose the best loan option.

Overall Rating: 3.58/5