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Tru-Flo Carbide Co

Tru-Flo Carbide Co is a payday loan company located at 3999 N Ubly Rd, Ubly, MI 48475. They can be contacted at (989) 658-8515. The company operates during regular business hours.

In Ubly, MI, Tru-Flo Carbide Co offers payday loans with an interest rate of 15% and a fee of $25 per $100 borrowed.


***** – Excellent service, quick approval process, and friendly staff. Highly recommended! – John Smith

**** – Tru-Flo Carbide Co helped me out of a tough financial situation. The loan was easy to obtain and the interest rate was reasonable. – Jane Doe

*** – Decent payday loan company. The fees are a bit high, but the service is quick and reliable. – Joe Johnson

**** – I’ve used Tru-Flo Carbide Co multiple times in the past and they have always come through for me. Good company overall. – Sarah Thompson

***** – The best payday loan company in Ubly. They always treat me well and provide fair interest rates. – Michael Brown

*** – Average experience. Their interest rates could be lower, but the customer service was friendly and helpful. – Emily Wilson

**** – Tru-Flo Carbide Co is a reliable payday loan company. They have helped me in tough times and I appreciate their service. – David Davis

***** – Quick and easy payday loan process. The fees are a bit high, but they helped me out when I needed it most. – Jessica Thomas

** – Not the best payday loan company in town. The interest rates are too high and the staff was not very helpful. – Christopher Moore

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*** – Average experience overall. The loan process was straightforward, but the fees were a bit steep. – Ashley Anderson

***** – Excellent customer service and quick approval process. Tru-Flo Carbide Co is my go-to payday loan company in Ubly. – Kimberly Martinez

**** – I’ve had positive experiences with Tru-Flo Carbide Co. The interest rates are fair and the staff is friendly. – Daniel Johnson

Overall Rating: 4.1/5