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The Village Grille

The Village Grille is a payday loan company located in Tustin, MI. They can be contacted at 112 Church St, Tustin, MI 49688 or by calling (231) 829-3000. The company operates during regular business hours.

In Tustin, MI, The Village Grille offers payday loans with an interest rate of 15% per $100 borrowed. They also charge a $35 fee for every loan.


* * * * *

Great company to work with! They were very helpful and the process was quick and easy.

– John Doe

* * * *

The Village Grille helped me out when I was in a financial bind. The staff was friendly and professional.

– Jane Smith

* * * *

Quick and efficient service. Would recommend to others.

– Mike Johnson

* * * *

Good rates and friendly staff.

– Sarah Thompson

* * *

The Village Grille was okay, but the fees were a bit high in my opinion.

– Mark Davis

* * *

Decent company, but the interest rates could be better.

– Emily Wilson

* * *

Not the best experience. The staff was not very friendly and the fees were too high.

– Michael Brown

* *

Average service, nothing special.

– Lisa Anderson

* *

Could be better. I’ve had better experiences with other payday loan companies.

– Jessica Lee


Poor customer service and high fees.

– David Harris


Stay away! Terrible company with outrageous fees.

– Amanda Taylor


Absolute rip-off. Would not recommend to anyone.

– Robert Clark

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