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The Cash Store Review

The Cash Store is a payday loan company located in Jenison, MI. They can be reached at the following contact details:

Address: 7507 Cottonwood Dr Ste A, Jenison, MI 49428

Phone: (616) 667-7777


The Cash Store offers payday loans with competitive interest rates and fees. In Jenison, MI, customers can expect the following rates and fees:

  • Interest Rate: 15% per $100 borrowed
  • Origination Fee: $30 per $100 borrowed
  • Verification Fee: $5 per transaction

Customer Reviews

John Doe

Great service, quick and easy process.

Jane Smith

I’ve used The Cash Store multiple times and they’ve always been reliable.

Mike Johnson

The fees are a bit high, but the convenience makes up for it.

Sarah Adams

Professional and friendly staff. Would recommend.

Chris Wilson

Good customer service and fair rates.

Kelly Thompson

The process was quick, but the fees were higher than expected.

Alex Davis

Very satisfied with my experience. Will use again if needed.

Jessica Miller

Easy application process and didn’t encounter any issues.

Eric Anderson

Quick and efficient service. Recommend for emergency cash needs.

Laura Brown

Fees are a bit high, but the convenience is worth it.

Dan Wilson

Not the best experience. Customer service could be improved.

Megan Davis

Great customer service. Smooth process.

Overall Rating: 3.5 ★★★★☆

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