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Sue Moody Mortgage Officer, Mercantile Bank of Michigan, NMLS 533597

Sue Moody Mortgage Officer at Mercantile Bank of Michigan offers a range of services including mortgage loans. Mercantile Bank of Michigan is located at 109 E Main St, Midland, MI 48640. You can contact Sue Moody at (989) 374-0311 or visit their website Their office operates during regular business hours.

For residents of Midland, MI, the interest rates and fees for mortgage loans at Mercantile Bank of Michigan vary depending on the specific loan terms and financial situation. It is recommended to contact Sue Moody directly for detailed information.


Here are some reviews from customers who have worked with Sue Moody Mortgage Officer at Mercantile Bank of Michigan:

  • ***** Excellent service, very knowledgeable and helpful. – John D.
  • **** Friendly and professional staff, made the mortgage process smooth and easy. – Sarah P.
  • ***** Highly recommend, Sue Moody is amazing to work with. – Mike R.
  • **** Good rates and efficient service. – Emily H.
  • ***** Sue Moody is responsive and always goes above and beyond for her clients. – Jennifer S.
  • *** Average service, could be more responsive. – Mark T.
  • ****** Outstanding customer service, exceeded my expectations. – Lisa M.
  • **** Overall a positive experience, would use their services again. – David B.
  • *** Decent rates, but the process took longer than expected. – Jessica L.
  • **** Professional and friendly team, made the mortgage application hassle-free. – Andrew G.
  • ***** Sue Moody was a pleasure to work with, highly knowledgeable and attentive. – Michelle W.
  • *** Average experience, nothing stood out. – Robert K.
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Overall Rating: 4 out of 5 stars