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Online Banking Bill Pay

Online Banking is a very convenient service that provides Michigan clients with many different functions. One of the most demanded and popular of them is the payment of various bills. How exactly can pay for them and what you need for this? Read about it in this article.

If you have chosen “Bank transfer (individuals)” as payment for your order and received an invoice from a bank manager, you can go to the nearest branch of any commercial bank and make a payment there, but the most convenient and modern way will be to pay through via Internet banking, as well as payment systems and electronic wallets.

Using Internet banks and payment systems are as simple and understandable as possible. First, you need to sign in to the system that you want to use to pay the bill. To do this, upon request, you must enter the First Federal Bank login and password that you received during registration. The password can be permanent, or it can be one-time and come in an SMS message every time you enter your personal account (depending on the bank and payment system). Please note that some banks and services may charge a commission from 1 to 5% depending on the amount of the transfer.

Prerequisites for payment

In order to make a payment for a service rendered or a purchased product, only two things are needed:

  1. All payment requisites. Usually, they are provided in full, but if you do not have all the requisites, you will have to separately request information from the counterparty;
  2. Adequate account balance.

In addition to the above, access to the Online Banking service is required. To do this, you need to be a client of a bank and register for this service. If all the conditions are met, then it will not be difficult to make the payment. The whole procedure takes 15-30 minutes (taking into account the rechecking of the data). If you need to make such payments regularly, then it makes sense to save the operation in templates or even to enable auto payment.

How to pay a bill through Online Banking?

You can actually pay a bill online in two ways – from the phone or from a computer. Despite the fact that payments from a phone may seem more convenient due to the lack of binding to a specific place, it is recommended to make a payment using a computer at least for the first time. In the future, the operation can be saved in templates and used both on a computer and on a mobile phone. There are two main payment options – by the name of the organization or by the requisites. Let’s consider both.

Money transfer to the organization

This option is considered a priority for many reasons. You do not need to enter most of the requisites, the chance of error is less, it is easier to search, and so on. The only drawback is that the required organization / firm / company may simply not exist in the bank’s directory. As a result, you will have to enter all the data manually. But first, let’s consider the option of payments by the name of the organization:

  1. Log in to the system;
  2. Go to the “Transfers and Payments” section;
  3. Scroll down to the search bar;
  4. Enter the name of the required organization / company / firm. In theory, it can also be found manually among the proposed categories, but it is much faster to immediately search by name;
  5. Find the right organization and choose it;
  6. Fill in all the required requisites;
  7. After filling in the data, you need to double-check them and confirm the operation. For this, you will get another SMS notification.

Payment by requisites

Payment of an invoice through First Northern Bank online banking is also possible by bank requisites. This is only relevant if there is no suitable company in the directory. To do this, you need:

  1. Enter your personal account;
  2. Go to the payments section;
  3. Select a category;
  4. Fill in the requisites;
  5. Recheck the data;
  6. Enter the payment amount and confirm the operation.

Other methods

There are other ways to pay bills. They are relevant if there is no access to a computer or phone. In addition, alternative options are often preferred by people who do not do well on the Internet.

At the bank branch

This is the easiest but also the most inconvenient option. The simplicity lies in the fact that the client practically does not need to do anything – the operator will do everything. All that remains is to transfer money or make a payment by card. The inconvenience is that you will have to look for the nearest branch in Michigan online, somehow get there and wait for your turn. Brief instruction:

  1. Choose a suitable department. For example, using a special service on the bank’s website;
  2. Go there in person, taking with you an account (payment details), money / card and an identity document;
  3. Wait your turn;
  4. Explain the essence of the appeal to the operator / manager;
  5. Wait for the documents to be completed;
  6. Pay the bill;
  7. Get a receipt for payment.

Via a bank terminal

This option is similar to payment at a bank branch and through MI Online Banking. First you need to find a suitable ATM. Next, insert the card and select the item regarding payments and transfers. Enter all the necessary details and confirm the operation.

Commission size

The size of the commission depends on the payment method:

  • Through Online Banking: 1% of the amount;
  • Via terminal / ATM: 1-2% of the amount;
  • Through the cashier at a bank branch: 3%.

Terms of crediting payment on the account

As practice proves, funds are credited to the recipient literally instantly, sometimes within a few minutes, in rare cases – up to 1 day. And only in certain situations, when there are some problems, the period can be extended to 3-5 days.