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Senior Helpers – Payday Loans

Senior Helpers is a payday loan company based in Okemos, MI. They offer quick and convenient loans to individuals in need of immediate cash. With a simple and straightforward application process, Senior Helpers makes it easy for borrowers to get the funds they need when they need it.

Interest rates and fees vary depending on the amount borrowed and the duration of the loan. In Okemos, MI, the interest rates range from 15% to 30% APR. This can be higher or lower based on the individual’s creditworthiness and other factors.

Contact Details:

Senior Helpers

3681 Okemos Rd Suite 200,

Okemos, MI 48864

Phone: (517) 684-0876


Review 1 – ****

Great service and friendly staff. Would highly recommend Senior Helpers for payday loans. – John Smith

Review 2 – ****

The application process was quick and easy. I received the funds within a few hours. – Jane Doe

Review 3 – ****

Senior Helpers provided me with the funds I needed to cover unexpected expenses. Their customer service was excellent. – Michael Johnson

Review 4 – ***

The interest rates were a bit higher than I expected, but the convenience of getting the loan quickly made up for it. – Sarah Thompson

Review 5 – *****

Senior Helpers helped me out when I was in a tough spot financially. The staff was understanding and helpful throughout the entire process. – Emily Wilson

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