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S. Timothy Lutheran Church: A Community Church in Otisville, MI

S. Timothy Lutheran Church

S. Timothy Lutheran Church is a community church located at 450 Wilson Rd, Otisville, MI 48463. Operating as a place of worship, the church provides spiritual guidance, fellowship, and various community programs for its members and the surrounding community. With a mission to spread the teachings of Christ, S. Timothy Lutheran Church is dedicated to serving and supporting its congregation.

As a church, S. Timothy Lutheran Church does not provide payday loans or any financial services. It focuses on its religious activities and promoting the values of Christianity. If you are looking for payday loan services, please consider reaching out to other financial institutions or payday loan providers.

If you would like to learn more about S. Timothy Lutheran Church and their community programs, you can visit their website at You can also contact them directly at (810) 631-4730.


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