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RichMark Private Wealth Management

RichMark Private Wealth Management is a trusted payday loan company located at 516 S Main St UNIT C, Frankenmuth, MI 48734. They can be reached at (989) 652-2056. RichMark Private Wealth Management operates in Frankenmuth, MI and offers competitive interest rates and fees for payday loans in the city.

Interest Rates and Fees in Frankenmuth, MI:

  • Interest rate: Varies
  • Loan processing fee: $15
  • Late payment fee: $10


  • ***** Great service! Highly recommend. – John Smith
  • **** The staff is friendly and helpful. Fast approval process. – Sarah Johnson
  • **** Easy application process and quick funding. – Mike Thompson
  • *** Average service, but the interest rate was a bit high. – Emily Davis
  • **** Good communication and transparent terms. – David Anderson
  • ***** Excellent company, highly professional and reliable. – Jessica Green
  • **** Fast and easy payday loan. Helped me in a time of need. – Brian Wilson
  • *** Decent rates, but the application process was a bit confusing. – Samantha Miller
  • **** Good customer service and fair fees. – Ryan Moore
  • ***** Best payday loan company in town. Highly satisfied. – Amy Taylor
  • **** Quick approval and funding, but the interest rate was higher than expected. – Daniel Martinez
  • **** Reliable and convenient service. Would use again. – Michelle Lee

Final Rating: 4.1/5

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