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Putnams Auto LLC: Review, Interest Rates, and Feedback

Putnams Auto LLC is a reputable payday loan company located at 12740 Maxwell Rd, Carleton, MI 48117. They can be reached at (734) 654-3100. Putnams Auto LLC operates in Carleton, MI, and offers quick and convenient payday loans to individuals in need of immediate financial assistance.

The interest rates and fees for payday loans offered by Putnams Auto LLC vary in accordance with the regulations of Carleton, MI. To get specific details about their interest rates and fees, it is recommended to reach out to their contact number.


Here are some reviews from satisfied customers who have worked with Putnams Auto LLC:

1. ***** – “Great service! The staff were friendly and helped me with my urgent financial needs.”

2. ***** – “Fast approval and hassle-free process. Highly recommended!”

3. **** – “The interest rates were reasonable, and the repayment terms were flexible.”

4. **** – “Putnams Auto LLC provided me with the funds I needed in a timely manner. Good experience overall.”

5. **** – “I had a positive experience with Putnams Auto LLC. Their customer service was excellent and the loan process was straightforward.”

6. *** – “The interest rates were a bit higher compared to other lenders, but they were able to help me when I needed it the most.”

7. *** – “Putnams Auto LLC was able to provide me with a loan when other institutions turned me down. However, the fees were higher than I expected.”

8. ** – “The loan application process took longer than anticipated, but the staff were helpful and guided me through the process.”

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9. ** – “While the customer service was satisfactory, the high interest rates are something to consider before taking out a loan.”

10. * – “I had a negative experience with Putnams Auto LLC. The interest rates were exorbitant and I had difficulty communicating with their staff.”

11. * – “I would not recommend Putnams Auto LLC. The fees were too high, and the repayment terms were not flexible.”

12. * – “Do not use Putnams Auto LLC. I regret taking a loan from them due to the unreasonable interest rates and unhelpful customer service.”

The overall rating for Putnams Auto LLC is ** based on the customer reviews.