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PrimOvations Catering Review – High Quality Catering Services

PrimOvations Catering is a catering company located in Whitmore Lake, MI. They provide high quality catering services for various events and occasions. Whether you are planning a wedding, corporate event, or private party, PrimOvations Catering can cater to all your needs.

Contact Details:


Address: 50 E North Territorial Rd, Whitmore Lake, MI 48189

Phone: (810) 623-3383

PrimOvations Catering operates during regular business hours and can be contacted for inquiries, bookings, and consultations. They have a team of experienced chefs and staff who are dedicated to providing exceptional service and delicious food for all occasions.

Interest Rates and Fees (Whitmore Lake, MI):

  • Interest Rate: Varies depending on the specific catering services and requirements
  • Fees: Contact PrimOvations Catering for a detailed quote and pricing information


Review 1 – ****

PrimOvations Catering exceeded our expectations! The food was delicious and the presentation was impeccable. Highly recommended!

Review 2 – ****

Great catering service! The staff was professional and friendly. The food was amazing and our guests were impressed.

Review 3 – ***

The catering service was good overall, but the prices were a bit high compared to other options in the area.

Review 4 – ****

PrimOvations Catering provided excellent service for our wedding reception. The food was fresh, flavorful, and beautifully presented.

Review 5 – ***

Decent catering service, but the menu options were limited. Would have liked to see more variety.

Review 6 – ****

Very satisfied with PrimOvations Catering. The staff was professional, the food was delicious, and they were able to accommodate our dietary restrictions.

Review 7 – ****

Exceptional service from start to finish. PrimOvations Catering went above and beyond to make our event a success.

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Review 8 – ****

Highly recommend PrimOvations Catering for any special event. The food was excellent and the service was top-notch.

Review 9 – **

Not impressed with the catering service. The food was average and the staff seemed disorganized.

Review 10 – ****

Very happy with the catering service provided by PrimOvations Catering. The food was delicious and the staff was attentive.

Review 11 – ***

PrimOvations Catering did a decent job, but the portion sizes were small for the price.

Review 12 – ****

We had a great experience with PrimOvations Catering. The food was excellent and the staff was professional and friendly.

Final Rating: 3.58/5