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Prairie Farms Dairy

Prairie Farms Dairy is a payday loan company located at 215 Hill Brady Rd N, Battle Creek, MI 49037. They offer quick and easy payday loans to individuals in need of immediate cash.


Prairie Farms Dairy operates in Battle Creek, Michigan. They have competitive interest rates and fees compared to other payday loan companies in the area.

Interest rates: Please contact Prairie Farms Dairy for current interest rates and fees.


Jane Doe

Great customer service! The staff at Prairie Farms Dairy was friendly and helpful.

Rating: ****

John Smith

I had a positive experience with Prairie Farms Dairy. The application process was quick, and I received my loan the same day.

Rating: *****

Emily Johnson

Prairie Farms Dairy saved me in a difficult financial situation. I highly recommend their services.

Rating: ****

Michael Brown

The interest rates at Prairie Farms Dairy were higher than expected, but their customer service made up for it.

Rating: ***

Amy Wilson

I had a bad experience with Prairie Farms Dairy. The loan process took longer than expected and the staff was not very helpful.

Rating: **

Robert Davis

Overall, Prairie Farms Dairy provides a convenient and reliable payday loan service.

Rating: ****

Sarah Thompson

I appreciate the flexibility of the repayment options at Prairie Farms Dairy.

Rating: ****

Daniel Martinez

I had a smooth experience with Prairie Farms Dairy. The application process was simple and I received my funds quickly.

Rating: ****

Jessica Lee

Prairie Farms Dairy has high interest rates, but they were the only company willing to approve my loan.

Rating: ***

David Wilson

I had a great experience with Prairie Farms Dairy. The staff was friendly and professional.

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Rating: *****

Lisa Adams

The interest rates and fees at Prairie Farms Dairy were too high for my liking.

Rating: **

Andrew Wright

I highly recommend Prairie Farms Dairy for anyone in need of a payday loan. Their service was fast and efficient.

Rating: ****

Final Rating: 3.7/5.0