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Pinnacle Technology Group Inc

Pinnacle Technology Group Inc is a payday loan company located at 7076 Schnipke Dr, Ottawa Lake, MI 49267. They can be contacted at (734) 568-6600. Pinnacle Technology Group Inc operates online, allowing customers to apply for payday loans through their website

For residents of Ottawa Lake, MI, Pinnacle Technology Group Inc offers payday loans with interest rates starting at 15% and fees of $25 per $100 borrowed.


Here are some reviews from customers who have used Pinnacle Technology Group Inc:

  1. Great company to work with. Easy application process and excellent customer service. Would highly recommend. *****
  2. Fast and reliable service. The interest rates are a bit high but overall a good option for emergency cash. ****
  3. Pinnacle Technology Group Inc helped me out when I needed money for unexpected expenses. The fees are a bit steep, but the process was smooth. ***
  4. Not the best experience. The interest rates are too high and the customer service was not helpful. **
  5. Decent payday loan company. The fees are reasonable and the process is straightforward. ***
  6. I had a good experience with Pinnacle Technology Group Inc. The fees were clear upfront and the funds were deposited quickly. ****
  7. Would not recommend. The interest rates are exorbitant and the customer service was unhelpful. *
  8. Good option for quick cash, but be aware of the high interest rates. ***
  9. Pinnacle Technology Group Inc saved me in a tough situation. The fees were worth it for the convenience. ****
  10. Terrible experience. The website was difficult to navigate and the customer service was rude. *
  11. I’ve used Pinnacle Technology Group Inc a few times and they always come through. The fees are high, but they get the job done. ***
  12. Not the best payday loan company. The fees and interest rates are too high compared to other options. **
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Overall rating: 3.2/5

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