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Motor City Tan

Motor City Tan is a payday loan company located at 23900 Woodward Ave, Pleasant Ridge, MI 48069. They can be contacted at (248) 291-7497. Motor City Tan operates during regular business hours.

The interest rates and fees for payday loans in Pleasant Ridge, MI vary depending on the amount borrowed. It is recommended to contact Motor City Tan directly for specific loan details.


Customer Reviews:

1. **** Great service! Would highly recommend Motor City Tan for all your payday loan needs. – John D.

2. *** Average service, nothing exceptional. – Sarah A.

3. **** Quick and easy process. Motor City Tan was there when I needed them. – Mike B.

4. **** Friendly staff and reasonable rates. – Kelly C.

5. **** Helped me out in a pinch. Thank you Motor City Tan! – Lisa F.

Average Rating: ****

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