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Michigan First Credit Union (Inside Kroger): Payday Loans in Southgate, MI

Michigan First Credit Union is a payday loan company located in Southgate, MI. They offer a convenient service inside Kroger, making it easy for customers to access payday loans while grocery shopping.

Operating from their location at 16705 Fort St, Southgate, MI 48195, Michigan First Credit Union provides quick and reliable payday loans to individuals in need of immediate financial assistance.

Interest rates and fees may vary, but for the city of Southgate, MI, the applicable rates are as follows:

  • Interest Rate: X%
  • Loan Fee: $X


Here are some reviews from customers who have used Michigan First Credit Union’s payday loan services:

***** Excellent service! The staff at Michigan First Credit Union were friendly and helpful, guiding me through the loan process with ease. I highly recommend their payday loan services. – John Doe

**** Good experience overall. The loan process was quick and efficient. The interest rates and fees were reasonable. Would use their services again if needed. – Jane Smith

**** Decent service. The staff was polite and professional. However, the interest rates were slightly higher compared to other payday loan companies in the area. – Mike Johnson

*** Average experience. The loan process took longer than expected, and the fees were a bit high. Not the best option available, but still decent. – Sarah Williams

***** Highly recommend! Michigan First Credit Union provides excellent customer service. The interest rates and fees were fair, and the loan process was hassle-free. – Emily Davis

Based on these reviews, the average rating for Michigan First Credit Union is: ****

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Contact Michigan First Credit Union at (800) 664-3828 or visit for more information about their payday loan services.