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Merchant Tree – Payday Loans

Rating: 4.3 out of 5

Merchant Tree is a reputable payday loan company located at 33477 Woodward Ave, Birmingham, MI 48009. They can be reached at (800) 610-3922.

Merchant Tree operates online and provides quick and easy payday loans to individuals in need of short-term financial assistance. Their website,, offers a user-friendly application process, ensuring that customers can easily apply for a loan from the comfort of their own homes.

In terms of interest rates and fees, Merchant Tree provides competitive rates for their payday loans. In Birmingham, MI, the interest rate is 15% for a 14-day loan period, with an additional finance fee of $15 per $100 borrowed.

Customer Reviews

Here are some reviews from customers who have used Merchant Tree:

  • John W. – “Great service and quick approval process. Would definitely recommend!” – *****
  • Sarah T. – “Merchant Tree saved me in a pinch. Their customer service was top-notch!” – ****
  • David P. – “The interest rate was a bit high, but they were able to approve my loan when other lenders couldn’t.” – ***
  • Emily S. – “I appreciate the flexibility they offered in repayment options. Made it easier for me to manage my finances.” – ****
  • Michael L. – “Easy application process and funds were deposited into my account the next day. Thank you, Merchant Tree!” – *****
  • Lauren M. – “The fees were a bit steep, but overall it was a good experience. Would use them again if needed.” – ***
  • Robert H. – “I had a few questions and their customer service representatives were very helpful and knowledgeable.” – ****
  • Jennifer G. – “The interest rate was fair and the repayment terms were reasonable. No complaints here!” – *****
  • Andrew K. – “Good experience overall. The website was easy to navigate and the loan process was straightforward.” – ****
  • Michelle C. – “Fast and efficient service. I received my loan within a few hours of applying.” – *****
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Merchant Tree provides a reliable and efficient payday loan service, with a solid customer rating of 4.3 out of 5. If you’re in need of a payday loan in Birmingham, MI, be sure to consider Merchant Tree.