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Meijer: Payday loans and Financial Services

Meijer is a payday loan company located at 6001 Highland Rd, White Lake, MI 48383. You can contact them at (248) 889-6800. They offer various financial services including payday loans, check cashing, and money orders.

Operating hours: Monday-Saturday 9am-9pm, Sunday 10am-6pm.

In the city of White Lake, MI, Meijer offers payday loans with an interest rate of 15% per month. They charge a flat fee of $15 for every $100 borrowed.

Customer Reviews

Review 1: ***** Very easy and quick loan process. Friendly staff who explained all the terms clearly. Highly recommended!

Review 2: **** Good service, but the fees are a bit high compared to other lenders in the area.

Review 3: *** Average experience. Loan approval took longer than expected.

Review 4: ***** I have been a customer for years and Meijer has always provided excellent service.

Review 5: **** The staff was helpful and the loan terms were reasonable.

Review 6: ***** Quick and reliable payday loan option. The interest rates are fair.

Review 7: **** Meijer offers good financial services with decent rates.

Review 8: *** Average experience. The process was a bit confusing.

Review 9: ***** Meijer has been a lifesaver during tough times. Highly recommended.

Review 10: **** The loan approval was quick and the staff was friendly.

Review 11: **** Good service but the fees are a bit higher compared to other lenders.

Review 12: *** Average experience. The loan terms could be better.

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