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Recreational Vehicle Loans

An RV loan is a long-term loan provided for the purchase of a new or used recreational vehicle: a motor home, travel trailer or camper.

It makes no sense to talk about the essence of a RV loan and its advantages because it is already clear. Northern Michigan RV Gaylord MI have been in demand for many years because this is the only way to get a new car for most of the population. Speaking about RV loans, you need to understand that today there are at least 9 types of RV loans.

Types of RV loans Michigan

  • Traditional car loan. The most common type of RV loan is now a classic car loan. In this case, a motor home is purchased on credit according to the standard scheme – an agreement between the borrower and the bank, between the a motor home center and the bank. In order to get a classic car loan for buying a house on wheels, you need to collect a lot of documents. And this is a significant disadvantage of the traditional car loan. Another drawback is that you need to wait a long time for the bank to consider the application. The advantages of this type of car loan are a low interest rate and a long loan term;
  • Interest-free car loan. A well-known and attractive type of car loan is an interest-free loan. It doesn’t take a lot of time to get an interest-free car loan, but you have to pay a rather big down payment for a motor home or camper. Actually, a large down payment and many additional commissions and payments are obvious disadvantages of an interest-free car loan;
  • Express loan. By taking an express loan, you will receive a motor home in 1-2 days and thus do not waste your time. Well, the second side of the coin is a large initial loan payment and a high interest rate;
  • Trade-in. This type of car loan will be interesting for those who want to buy a new motor home and get rid of their old one. Trade-in car loan is a scheme for purchasing a new motor home, camper on credit, where the old motor home is an initial payment. Trade-in car loan is distinguished by a low interest rate. The disadvantages of this type of car loan is the underestimation of the value of an old motor home when evaluating it;
  • Buy-back. Buy-back car loan is a loan with a buy-back condition. The client will need to pay an initial payment in the range of 30-50% of the cost of the motor home, but the monthly payments will be very small. Under the buy-back scheme, the client pays only a part of the amount. As soon as the set amount is paid, the client can return the motor home to the center, extend the loan, or pay the remaining amount of the loan. Of course, a buy-back car loan is more expensive than a regular car loan, but a clear advantage of this type of car loan is the ability to constantly drive a new motor home and not worry about selling it in the future to buy a new motor home.

In addition to the five main types of car loans, we can point out the following types: car loans for used motor homes, car loans without the participation of a bank, car loans without a down payment, car loans without insurance. These types of car loans are also in demand in the car loan market.

The sphere of RV loans is developing at a rapid pace, and more and more new types of car loans appear every year. And all this is done in order to satisfy the needs of all customers, including caravaners interested in buying a motor home, camper or trailer on credit. Weigh the pros and cons, evaluate the advantages, disadvantages and features of each type of car loan, which will allow you to choose the most advantageous offer in buying a motor home.