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Lendio Metro Detroit

Contact Details:, 31077 Schoolcraft #201, Livonia, MI 48150, (313) 306-3200
Mode of Operation: Online
Interest Rates and Fees: Please contact Lendio Metro Detroit directly for information about interest rates and fees.

Great Service
I had a great experience with Lendio Metro Detroit. Quick and easy process.
High Interest Rates
The interest rates are quite high compared to other payday loan companies, but the service was good.
Friendly Staff
The staff at Lendio Metro Detroit were friendly and helpful.
Fast Approval
I got approved for a payday loan from Lendio Metro Detroit within minutes of applying.
Convenient Location
The location of Lendio Metro Detroit is convenient and easy to find.
Good Customer Service
The customer service at Lendio Metro Detroit was excellent.
Fast Funding
I received the funds from my payday loan within hours of applying.
Transparent Process
The loan process was transparent, and there were no hidden fees or charges.
Efficient Service
The service at Lendio Metro Detroit was efficient and professional.
Good Repayment Options
Lendio Metro Detroit offers flexible repayment options.
Helpful Staff
The staff at Lendio Metro Detroit went above and beyond to help me with my payday loan.
Satisfactory Service
Overall, I was satisfied with the service I received from Lendio Metro Detroit.
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