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Is There Any Difference Between Online And In-Store Payday Loans?

Is There Any Difference Between Online And In-Store Payday LoansIssuing payday loans can take place entirely online or by mandatory visits to the office to sign a loan agreement. Online and in-store products have some features, which are expressed both in their advantages and disadvantages.

Getting a quick payday loan in an online mode

The most important advantage of online loans is the convenience of the application. The borrower does not need to go anywhere and call off work for this: you can apply for a loan and conclude a loan agreement at home, staying in comfortable conditions. Lenders’ websites are accessible around the clock and are accessible from a personal computer, smartphone or tablet. This means that you can apply for a loan as soon as necessary, even if it occurred at night or on weekends. You may choose one of the options filling out the form below:

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Detailed credit terms and rates are usually posted for on the websites of reputable companies, you can also get acquainted with them at any time. For the convenience of borrowers, such services place credit calculators on the front pages of their websites. They help to calculate the amount of the future loan payment, as well as other options that allow the borrower to assess the loan parameters and their financial capabilities before applying. You can study all the features of the organization’s services slowly and in a comfortable environment when nothing distracts.

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Issuing loans online takes much less time than going to the company’s office. Filling out the client’s questionnaire, checking the data specified in it and signing the contract usually takes from 15 minutes to half an hour. You can receive funds to a payment card, bank account or even to an electronic wallet. Some organizations also offer cash loans through money transfer systems. At the same time, the lender transfers the borrowed funds immediately after the loan is issued.

Stages of issuing a payday loan online

First, a potential client is asked to fill out an application indicating the required amount and deadlines. The online questionnaire can be found on the official website of the lender. Be sure to check the box for consent to data processing. If a visit to the company is not planned, you may be asked to attach scans of documents to the application.

Managers evaluate the information provided, sometimes check the contact information. In case of a positive decision, the applicant is informed via email or text. They connect him to a personal account, transfer money to a card, an electronic wallet, and a phone. You can use the bank transfer service. To receive cash, you will have to visit the in-store service.

The main advantages of online payday loans

  • The review speed of applicants’ questionnaires takes 1-15 minutes;
  • Deposit and repayment of a mini loan throughout the United States;
  • The minimum package of documents is an ID;
  • No collateral and surety;
  • Getting the first loan at a reduced interest rate;
  • Prolongation of the loan;
  • Debt restructuring;
  • Improvement of a damaged credit history;
  • Protection of personal data from phishing;
  • Round-the-clock operation;
  • Reduction of the interest rate on subsequent requests, increase of the time limit;
  • Identification of clients through credit bureau;
  • Intuitive website interface, online calculators;
  • Variations in the choice of means of crediting funds;
  • Free technical support: call center, chat on the official page, group in social networks, hotline.
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In-store loans

This method of loans involves visiting the office of a credit institution. The loan can be fully issued in the office or send a preliminary online application. If this application is approved, then the client goes to the office with the documents and receives the money.

One of the advantages of in-store loans is the possibility of getting increased limits and the establishment of longer repayment periods. But there are also disadvantages. So, if the amount of the loan is greater, respectively, the requirements for borrowers are higher. With a bad credit history, it is difficult to get such a loan, and the approval percentage is lower. The lender may ask to attach additional documents to the ID. If we talk about the timing, it will not be an instant loan and you can get it only during the work of the lending office.


If you are not sure whether you will be able to fill out the loan application correctly on your own, or you feel the need for “live” communication with a consultant, then it is better to contact the company’s office. At the same time, be prepared to spend 1-2 hours on the issuing procedure, and possibly even more.

When there is no time for visits to in-store service, give preference to an online loan. The main thing is to carefully fill out the loan application and check the correctness of entering personal data.