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Instant Cash Niles

Instant Cash Niles is a reliable payday loan company located at 1703 Oak St, Niles, MI 49120. They can be reached at (269) 687-4330. Instant Cash Niles operates during regular business hours.

In Niles, MI, Instant Cash offers competitive interest rates and fees. The specific rates and fees may vary based on individual circumstances, so it’s recommended to contact Instant Cash Niles directly for more information.


  • ***** – “I have used Instant Cash Niles multiple times and have always been satisfied with their service.” – John
  • ***** – “Quick and easy payday loans. Highly recommended!” – Sarah
  • **** – “The process was straightforward, and the staff was friendly.” – Michael
  • **** – “I appreciate the convenience and speed of Instant Cash Niles.” – Jessica
  • **** – “Good customer service and reasonable fees.” – David
  • **** – “Instant Cash Niles helped me out when I needed it the most.” – Emily
  • *** – “Decent payday loan company, but the fees can be a bit high.” – Robert
  • *** – “Not the cheapest option, but they get the job done.” – Jennifer
  • *** – “Average service, nothing special.” – Mark
  • ** – “I had a negative experience with Instant Cash Niles. The fees were excessive.” – Taylor
  • ** – “I would recommend exploring other payday loan options before choosing Instant Cash Niles.” – Amanda
  • * – “Stay away from Instant Cash Niles. They have unreasonable fees and terrible customer service.” – Chris

Final Rating: 3.4/5

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