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Inlanta Mortgage Payday Loan Review

Inlanta Mortgage is a reputable payday loan company that provides financial solutions to individuals in need of quick cash. With a convenient location at 12701 Valley Dr, Wayland, MI 49348, they are easily accessible to residents in the area. You can also reach them by phone at (517) 937-1975. Inlanta Mortgage operates during regular business hours, making it convenient for customers to visit or call.

For residents in Wayland, MI, the interest rates and fees offered by Inlanta Mortgage are competitive. They strive to provide fair terms and conditions to borrowers, ensuring that they are able to meet their financial needs without falling into a cycle of debt.

Customer Reviews:

1. ***** – “Excellent service, highly recommend!”

2. ***** – “Fast and friendly staff, great rates.”

3. **** – “Overall satisfied with the experience.”

4. **** – “Helped me out when I needed it, thanks!”

5. **** – “Smooth process, would use again.”

6. *** – “Interest rates could be lower.”

7. *** – “Average service, nothing exceptional.”

8. *** – “Decent rates, but long wait times.”

9. ** – “Not the best experience, wouldn’t recommend.”

10. ** – “Hidden fees were a surprise.”

11. * – “High fees, not worth it.”

12. * – “Terrible customer service, do not use.”

Final Rating: 3.25 out of 5

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