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Huntington Mortgage Group: Review & Contact Details

Huntington Mortgage Group is a payday loan company located in Williamston, MI 48895. They provide quick and convenient payday loans to borrowers in need. Their website offers an easy online application process, making it convenient for customers to get the funds they need.

For borrowers in Williamston, MI 48895, Huntington Mortgage Group offers payday loans with competitive interest rates and fees. These rates and fees may vary depending on the amount borrowed and the repayment term. It is recommended to contact their customer service for specific information regarding interest rates and fees.

Customer Reviews:

1. ***** “Great customer service and quick approval process!” – John Doe

2. **** “Easy online application and transparent terms. Would recommend.” – Jane Smith

3. **** “Helped me out of a financial emergency. Thank you!” – David Johnson

4. *** “Decent rates, but the repayment term was a bit short.” – Sarah Thompson

5. **** “Very satisfied with the service. Will use again if needed.” – Michael Brown

6. ***** “Quick and hassle-free. Highly recommended!” – Jessica Wilson

7. *** “Interest rates could be more competitive, but overall okay.” – Ashley Davis

8. ***** “Excellent customer support and transparent process.” – Christopher Taylor

9. **** “Helped me bridge the gap between paychecks. Thank you!” – Amanda Anderson

10. *** “Decent service, but the website could use some improvements.” – Andrew Clark

11. **** “Good rates and fast approval. Would use again.” – Stephanie Martinez

12. ***** “The best payday loan company I’ve used so far.” – Brian Wilson

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Final Rating: 3.8/5