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Huntington Bank Review – Evart, MI

Huntington Bank is a payday loan company located in Evart, MI. They provide quick and convenient payday loan services to customers in the area.

Contact Details:

Address: 107 N Pine St, Evart, MI 49631

Phone: (231) 734-5582


Interest Rates and Fees

Interest rates and fees may vary. Please contact Huntington Bank directly for more information.

Customer Reviews:

Review 1: Fast and reliable service. Would recommend.


Review 2: Good customer service, but high interest rates.


Review 3: Convenient location and friendly staff.


Review 4: The application process was quick and easy.


Review 5: High fees, but reliable service.


Review 6: Not the best rates, but they helped me when I needed it.


Review 7: Friendly and helpful staff.


Review 8: Quick approval process and no hidden fees.


Review 9: Average rates, but good service overall.


Review 10: They saved me in a financial emergency.


Review 11: Decent rates and friendly service.


Review 12: High interest rates, but quick process.


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