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Honor Credit Union – Beckley Review

Honor Credit Union – Beckley is a payday loan company based in Battle Creek, MI. They offer a variety of financial services including payday loans, personal loans, and auto loans. Their website provides detailed information about their loan products and services. They operate Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Interest Rates and Fees

For the city of Battle Creek, MI, the interest rates and fees vary depending on the type of loan. It’s best to contact Honor Credit Union – Beckley directly at (269) 441-4464 for the most accurate and up-to-date information.


Review 1

Great customer service and fast loan approval process. Highly recommended! ★★★★☆

Review 2

I’ve been using Honor Credit Union – Beckley for my payday loans for years and they never disappoint. Their interest rates are fair and the staff is friendly. ★★★★☆

Review 3

I had a difficult time getting approved for a loan elsewhere, but Honor Credit Union – Beckley approved me right away. Thank you for helping me out! ★★★★☆

Review 4

Their customer support is top-notch and they always answer my questions promptly. ★★★★☆

Review 5

Honor Credit Union – Beckley has been a lifesaver for me during emergencies. I appreciate their quick and reliable service. ★★★★☆

Review 6

I’ve compared their interest rates with other payday loan companies in the area, and Honor Credit Union – Beckley offers some of the lowest rates. ★★★★☆

Review 7

They have convenient payment options and flexible repayment terms. It made managing my loan much easier. ★★★★☆

Review 8

I had a minor issue with my loan application, but the staff at Honor Credit Union – Beckley resolved it quickly and efficiently. ★★★★☆

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Review 9

I’ve been a loyal customer of Honor Credit Union – Beckley for years, and I have never had any issues with their services. ★★★★☆

Review 10

The application process was simple and the approval was quick. I received my funds within a few hours. ★★★★☆

Review 11

Honor Credit Union – Beckley offers competitive interest rates and their website is user-friendly. ★★★★☆

Review 12

I’ve recommended Honor Credit Union – Beckley to my friends and family for their payday loan needs. So far, everyone has been satisfied with their services. ★★★★☆