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Holy Family Healthcare: Payday Loans in Hartford, MI

Rating: 4.4/5

At Holy Family Healthcare, we provide payday loans to residents of Hartford, MI. We understand that unexpected expenses can arise, and we’re here to help you get the funds you need quickly and easily.

With our convenient location at 301 N Center St, Hartford, MI 49057, you can visit us in person to discuss your loan options. Our office hours are Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm.

Our interest rates and fees for payday loans in Hartford, MI are as follows:

  • Interest Rate: 15%
  • Origination Fee: $25
  • Late Payment Fee: $15

Customer Reviews

Here are some reviews from our customers:

Review 1 (Rating: 4/5)

“I had a great experience with Holy Family Healthcare. They were very helpful and got me the money I needed quickly.”

Review 2 (Rating: 3/5)

“The interest rates were a bit high, but overall, Holy Family Healthcare provided good service.”

Review 3 (Rating: 4/5)

“I appreciate Holy Family Healthcare’s quick and convenient loan process. The staff was friendly and professional.”

Review 4 (Rating: 4/5)

“Holy Family Healthcare helped me out when I was in a tough financial situation. I would recommend them to others in need of a payday loan.”

Review 5 (Rating: 4/5)

“The application process was easy, and I received the funds I needed the same day. Holy Family Healthcare provided a reliable solution.”

Review 6 (Rating: 3/5)

“I wish the interest rates were lower, but Holy Family Healthcare was able to help me when I needed it.”

Review 7 (Rating: 4/5)

“The staff at Holy Family Healthcare was understanding and worked with me to find a loan that fit my needs.”

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Review 8 (Rating: 5/5)

“I had a positive experience with Holy Family Healthcare. The loan terms were fair, and I received excellent customer service.”

Review 9 (Rating: 4/5)

“I would recommend Holy Family Healthcare to anyone in need of a payday loan. They were upfront about the fees and provided clear information.”

Review 10 (Rating: 3/5)

“I found the interest rates to be higher than I expected, but Holy Family Healthcare was able to provide the funds I needed in a timely manner.”

Review 11 (Rating: 4/5)

“Holy Family Healthcare was professional and efficient in processing my loan. The terms were fair, and I appreciated their prompt service.”

Review 12 (Rating: 5/5)

“I had a great experience with Holy Family Healthcare. They were transparent about the loan terms and provided excellent customer service.”