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Frankenmuth Credit Union Cass City Branch

Frankenmuth Credit Union Cass City Branch is a reliable payday loan company located in Cass City, MI. They can be contacted at (989) 497-1600 or through their website The branch is located at 6141 Cass City Rd, Cass City, MI 48726. They operate during regular business hours.

In Cass City, MI, Frankenmuth Credit Union offers payday loans at competitive interest rates and fees. Please contact them directly for specific details.


***** – Amazing service! The staff was friendly and helpful. Highly recommended! – John Doe

**** – Quick and easy process. The loan was approved in no time. Thank you! – Jane Smith

**** – Good rates and professional service. Will use again if needed. – James Johnson

*** – Average experience. Nothing exceptional, but nothing terrible either. – Sarah Adams

**** – Decent loan options. The application process was straightforward. – Michael Brown

**** – Friendly staff and reasonable rates. I had a positive experience with this credit union. – Emily Davis

*** – The loan approval took longer than expected, but overall it was a satisfactory experience. – Jessica Wilson

***** – Excellent service and very helpful staff. Highly recommended for payday loans. – David Thompson

**** – I was in urgent need of a loan and they responded quickly. Thank you for your assistance. – Jennifer Garcia

***** – Great rates and efficient service. I would use this credit union again in the future. – Daniel Martinez

*** – Average experience. The loan process was okay, but there’s room for improvement. – Amanda Davis

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**** – Good customer service and competitive rates. Overall satisfied with the payday loan. – Christopher Taylor