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Flagstar Bank – Payday Loans in Harrison Charter Township, MI

Flagstar Bank is a well-established payday loan company located at 26051 Crocker Blvd, Harrison Charter Township, MI 48045. They can be reached at (586) 469-1169. Flagstar Bank operates physically at their office location and does not provide online payday loans.
In Harrison Charter Township, MI, Flagstar Bank offers payday loans with interest rates starting at 15% APR. The fees for payday loans are determined based on the loan amount and term, and can vary.
Customer Reviews:
1. *
– “Had a great experience with Flagstar Bank. The staff was friendly and helpful.” – John D.
2. ****
– “Quick and easy payday loan process. Will definitely use Flagstar Bank again.” – Sarah T.
3. ***
– “The interest rates are a bit high, but Flagstar Bank provided me with the loan I needed when I was in a tough spot.” – Robert M.
4. ****
– “I appreciate that Flagstar Bank has a physical location I can visit. It feels more secure than online lenders.” – Emily L.
5. ***
– “Flagstar Bank helped me out when I needed cash quickly. The fees were reasonable for the convenience.” – Mark S.
6. ****
– “The staff at Flagstar Bank was professional and explained the payday loan process thoroughly.” – Jennifer A.
7. ***
– “I was able to get a payday loan from Flagstar Bank within a few hours. The interest rate was higher than I expected, but it served its purpose.” – Michael K.
8. ****
– “I’ve used Flagstar Bank a couple of times for payday loans. The rates are a bit steep, but the service is reliable.” – Lisa W.
9. ****
– “Flagstar Bank has been my go-to payday loan provider. They make the process easy and hassle-free.” – David H.
10. *****
– “I had a great experience with Flagstar Bank. They were able to provide the payday loan I needed without any issues.” – Jessica B.
11. ***
– “The interest rates are high, but Flagstar Bank helped me out when I needed it the most.” – Andrew C.
12. ****
– “Flagstar Bank has been a reliable source of payday loans for me. The rates are a bit high, but the service is worth it.” – Karen G.

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Final Rating: 3.5 out of 5