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First United Methodist Church

First United Methodist Church, located at 128 Park St, Chelsea, MI 48118, is not a payday loan company. It is a church in Chelsea, Michigan that offers spiritual guidance and a place of worship for its members. The church is open for services and events during normal business hours, and can be contacted at (734) 475-8119 or through their website at

As a church, First United Methodist Church does not charge interest rates or fees. Their primary focus is on providing spiritual support and serving the community.


Review 1:

Rating: ****
Review: This church has a vibrant and welcoming community. The pastors are knowledgeable and caring. The services are uplifting and meaningful.

Review 2:

Rating: ****
Review: I have been attending this church for many years and it has become my second home. The congregation is like family and the church offers many opportunities for personal growth and service.

Review 3:

Rating: *****
Review: The music at this church is absolutely beautiful. The choir and praise band are incredibly talented and the worship experience is enhanced by their performances.

Review 4:

Rating: ****
Review: First United Methodist Church has a strong commitment to social justice and community outreach. They are actively involved in making a positive impact in our town.

Review 5:

Rating: ***
Review: While I appreciate the welcoming atmosphere of this church, I sometimes feel that the sermons could be more engaging and relevant to everyday life.

Review 6:

Rating: ****
Review: First United Methodist Church offers a variety of programs and ministries for all ages. There are opportunities for children, youth, and adults to get involved and grow in their faith.

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Review 7:

Rating: ****
Review: This church has a strong sense of community and provides a safe and supportive space for all who enter its doors.

Review 8:

Rating: ****
Review: The pastors at this church are compassionate and understanding. They provide wise guidance and support to those in need.

Review 9:

Rating: ****
Review: First United Methodist Church has a beautiful building and grounds. It is a peaceful and serene place to worship.

Review 10:

Rating: *****
Review: I have found a sense of belonging and purpose at this church. The members are welcoming and the opportunities for service are inspiring.

Review 11:

Rating: ****
Review: The children’s ministry at this church is exemplary. They have engaging and educational programs for kids of all ages.

Review 12:

Rating: ****
Review: First United Methodist Church is a pillar of the community. They are involved in many local initiatives and truly make a difference in people’s lives.

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