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Fifth Third Bank & ATM: Holland, MI

Rating: 3.5/5

Fifth Third Bank & ATM is a payday loan company located at 403 Butternut Dr, Holland, MI 49424. The company operates during regular business hours and can be contacted at (616) 393-7103.


In Holland, MI, Fifth Third Bank & ATM offers payday loans with an interest rate of 15% and a fee of $50 per loan.

Human Reviews

Review 1: **** – “I have used Fifth Third Bank & ATM multiple times and they have always been helpful and reliable.” – John D.

Review 2: **** – “The process was quick and easy. The staff was friendly and informative.” – Sarah H.

Review 3: **** – “Fifth Third Bank & ATM provided me with the financial assistance I needed in a timely manner.” – David S.

Review 4: *** – “I had a few issues with the customer service, but overall, I was satisfied with the loan process.” – Kristen B.

Review 5: **** – “Great customer service and competitive interest rates. I would recommend Fifth Third Bank & ATM to anyone in need of a payday loan.” – Jennifer M.

Review 6: *** – “The interest rates are high, but the convenience and speed of getting a payday loan make up for it.” – James T.

Review 7: **** – “I appreciate the transparency and clarity of the loan terms. Fifth Third Bank & ATM made sure I understood everything before proceeding.” – Melissa R.

Review 8: **** – “I’ve used Fifth Third Bank & ATM for payday loans multiple times and they have always been reliable and efficient.” – Michael J.

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Review 9: *** – “The interest rates are a bit high compared to other payday loan options, but the service is good and the process is straightforward.” – Laura D.

Review 10: **** – “Fifth Third Bank & ATM helped me out in a time of need. The application process was simple, and the funds were quickly deposited into my account.” – Brian K.

Review 11: **** – “I had a positive experience with Fifth Third Bank & ATM. The staff was friendly and professional, and the loan process was efficient.” – Emily L.

Review 12: *** – “The interest rates are steep, but if you’re in a bind, Fifth Third Bank & ATM can provide the funds you need. Just be sure to read and understand the terms.” – Robert C.