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Online Banking Safety

Checking account balances, paying bills and managing finances – currently all these actions can be performed using Internet Banking. But, are you sure that all these actions are performed safely enough?

The ever-growing popularity of online banking attracts the attention of cybercriminals who use keyloggers, phishing and software vulnerabilities to attack bank customers.

How to protect yourself from them and not lose money? Follow the advice given below by Michigan Payday Loans.

Use only a trusted device

The first and main rule of using Internet banking is to use a trusted device for this purpose.

Your own computer, tablet or smartphone is the best choice because other people do not have access to them. Therefore, if possible, avoid performing online transactions on other people’s or public devices.

Pay attention to the type of connection with the bank

Remember that using a public Wi-Fi network, such as a cafe or hotel, carries the risk of stealing your login information. The best option is to use secure, home networks.

You should also remember about the appropriate protection of the router – for this you need to change the standard password to your own, created from small and large letters, numbers and special characters.

Some security software also has a home network protection feature that allows you to check which devices are connected to the network today.

Update your computer regularly

Updating the operating system and applications is very important, as it allows you to close vulnerabilities that cybercriminals can use to infect your computer.

To save time and maximize protection, most programs have an automatic update function – you should take this opportunity and complete one more item in the list of rules for the safe use of Internet banking.

Use security solutions

The next important step is to install security tools that will protect your computer from infection or phishing attempts.

Some of the security packages also have an Internet banking protection function that automatically opens a new, secure browser window after the user enters the address of the bank or payment system website.

Use a strong password

Are you really using a secure password to access your account? Do you only use it to log into the Internet bank? One of the basic principles of using online services, including Internet banking, is to use a strong and unique password.

You should also not use the same password for authorization in different services – this can cause big problems. It is enough that someone guesses or steals the password for one service, for example, a social network, and then they can gain access to e-mail, bank accounts or an account in an online store. However, if you have a big problem remembering passwords, you can use a password manager. Using such a tool, you only need to remember one password for the password manager.

Don’t fall into the trap

Cybercriminals use many methods to get their hands on sensitive user data. For example, they often send emails that vaguely resemble messages from a bank to get the information they need to log in. In their content, they ask to enter the website of the online bank. But actually, they end up on a malicious web page that steals their data.

To protect yourself from falling into such a trap, do not click on links or open attachments from unknown senders. Remember also that banks do not send letters to their customers asking them to log into the Internet bank. If you have any doubts that the received message came from your bank, it is better to call the hotline.

Do not forget to log out

Have you completed the translation? Remember to log out.

Activate SMS notifications

If you are one of the people who check their account status once a month or even less often, turn on SMS-notifications informing about each of the operations performed. This way you will quickly notice suspicious activity on your account.