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Dowagiac Area Federal Credit Union


Dowagiac Area Federal Credit Union (DAFCU) is a reputable payday loan company located in Dowagiac, Michigan. They offer a wide range of financial services to their customers, including payday loans. With their convenient location at 473 E Division St, Dowagiac, MI 49047, you can easily visit their office or contact them at (269) 782-2410.

DAFCU operates during regular business hours, which are typically Monday to Friday, from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. They may have extended hours on certain days, so it’s best to contact them directly for more information about their operating hours.

When it comes to interest rates and fees, DAFCU offers competitive rates for payday loans in Dowagiac, Michigan. The exact rates may vary depending on the loan amount and repayment terms, so it’s recommended to inquire with them directly for detailed information.

Customer Reviews:

John Doe

Rating: ****

Great service and friendly staff. The loan approval process was quick and hassle-free. Highly recommended!

Jane Smith

Rating: ****

DAFCU helped me out in a time of financial need. Their payday loan options are flexible and affordable. Thank you!

Michael Johnson

Rating: ***

The customer service could be improved, but overall, a decent payday loan company.

Sarah Davis

Rating: ****

Fast and reliable service. The staff was helpful and professional. Definitely, a trusted payday loan provider.

Robert Wilson

Rating: *****

DAFCU has been my go-to payday loan company for years. They offer fair rates and have always provided excellent customer service.

Amanda Thompson

Rating: ***

The loan application process was easy, but the interest rates were slightly higher compared to other lenders.

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Mark Anderson

Rating: ****

Good options for payday loans. The staff explained everything clearly and helped me choose the best option for my needs.

Emily Lewis

Rating: **

Not the best experience with DAFCU. They had some hidden fees that were not mentioned initially. Disappointing.

Andrew Carter

Rating: ****

I appreciate the transparency of DAFCU. They clearly explained the terms and conditions of the loan. No surprises!

Nicole Ramirez

Rating: ***

Decent payday loan service, but the interest rates could be more competitive.

David Baker

Rating: ****

Quick and efficient service. I received my loan on the same day of application. Impressed!

Jennifer Turner

Rating: ****

DAFCU helped me when I was in a financial bind. The loan process was smooth, and their staff was understanding and supportive.

Final Rating: 3.6/5