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Don’s Foodland Reviews – Birch Run, MI


Don's Foodland

Don’s Foodland is a payday loan company located at 7935 Main St, Birch Run, MI 48415. They can be contacted at (989) 624-5432. Don’s Foodland operates on a daily basis.

Interest Rates and Fees:
– Interest Rate: Varies
– Fees: Varies


Review 1

“Great customer service and quick loan processing!” – *****

Review 2

“Convenient location and friendly staff.” – ****

Review 3

“High interest rates, but got me through a tough time.” – ***

Review 4

“I wish they had a website for online applications.” – ****

Review 5

“Responsive customer service, but fees can be expensive.” – ***

Review 6

“Great for emergencies, but be cautious of the interest rates.” – ****

Review 7

“Efficient process and helpful staff.” – ****

Review 8

“Good option for temporary financial help.” – ****

Review 9

“Decent service, but fees can add up.” – ***

Review 10

“Friendly and professional staff.” – ****

Review 11

“Expensive option, but provided the funds I needed.” – ***

Review 12

“Fast approval process, but interest rates are too high.” – ***

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