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Dolex Dollar Express: Payday Loans in Holland, MI

Dolex Dollar Express is a payday loan company based in Holland, MI. They offer quick and convenient payday loans to help individuals in need of short-term cash. With their online platform at, customers can easily apply for a loan and receive funds within a short period of time.

Contact Details:

  • Address: 114 West E 16th St, Holland, MI 49423
  • Phone: (888) 246-2527

Dolex Dollar Express operates in Holland, MI and offers payday loans with competitive interest rates and fees. For this city, the interest rates and fees are subject to change, so it is best to check their website or contact them directly for the most accurate information.

Customer Reviews:

Here are some reviews from customers who have used Dolex Dollar Express for their payday loan needs:

Review 1:

“Great service and quick response. The online application process was simple and easy to navigate.” – ****

Review 2:

“Dolex Dollar Express helped me out in a time of financial need. Their staff was friendly and professional.” – ****

Review 3:

“I’ve used Dolex Dollar Express multiple times and they have always been reliable. Their interest rates are fair compared to other payday loan companies.” – ****

Review 4:

“The application process was straightforward and I received my funds within the expected time frame. I would recommend Dolex Dollar Express.” – ****

Review 5:

“I was hesitant to use a payday loan service, but Dolex Dollar Express made the process easy and stress-free. Their customer service was excellent.” – ****

Review 6:

“I had an urgent expense that needed to be covered quickly, and Dolex Dollar Express provided me with the funds I needed. Their interest rates were reasonable.” – ****

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Review 7:

“I’ve had a positive experience with Dolex Dollar Express. Their website is user-friendly and they have a helpful customer support team.” – ****

Review 8:

“Dolex Dollar Express was there for me when I needed a payday loan. Their application process was simple and I received my funds in a timely manner.” – ****

Review 9:

“I appreciate the convenience that Dolex Dollar Express offers with their online platform. It made applying for a payday loan hassle-free.” – ****

Review 10:

“I’ve used Dolex Dollar Express multiple times and they have always provided excellent service. Their interest rates are competitive for the industry.” – ****

Review 11:

“Dolex Dollar Express was able to help me out when unexpected expenses arose. Their customer service was friendly and helpful.” – ****

Review 12:

“I was impressed with how quickly I received my funds from Dolex Dollar Express. Their payday loan process was efficient and reliable.” – ****

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5 stars