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DEBT RELIEF MICHIGAN is a payday loan company located in Grand Rapids, MI. They offer debt relief services to residents of Michigan who are struggling with payday loan debt. With their help, individuals can find relief from high interest rates and fees associated with payday loans.

Contact Details:


Address: 4081 Cascade Rd SE Suite 600, Grand Rapids, MI 49546

Phone: (616) 323-3164

DEBT RELIEF MICHIGAN operates during regular business hours, Monday through Friday. They provide personalized assistance and guidance to individuals seeking relief from payday loan debt. By working with the company, individuals can explore their options for debt consolidation, negotiation, and repayment plans.

For residents of Grand Rapids, MI, DEBT RELIEF MICHIGAN offers competitive interest rates and fees. By taking advantage of their services, individuals can save money and find a solution to their payday loan debt.


Review 1: ***** Excellent service! DEBT RELIEF MICHIGAN helped me consolidate my payday loans and reduce my interest rates. Highly recommended! – John S.

Review 2: ***** I was drowning in payday loan debt until I found DEBT RELIEF MICHIGAN. They provided me with a customized repayment plan that saved me money and helped me become debt-free. – Sarah M.

Review 3: **** DEBT RELIEF MICHIGAN was very professional and knowledgeable. They guided me through the process of debt consolidation and I’m now on my way to financial freedom. – Michael R.

Review 4: **** I was skeptical at first, but DEBT RELIEF MICHIGAN delivered on their promises. They negotiated with my payday loan lenders and helped me get out of debt faster than I thought possible. – Jennifer T.

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Review 5: ***** DEBT RELIEF MICHIGAN’s team was incredibly helpful and understanding. They took the stress out of dealing with payday loan debt and helped me find a solution that worked for me. – Mark D.

Review 6: **** I’m so grateful to DEBT RELIEF MICHIGAN for helping me get back on track financially. Their expertise and guidance made a huge difference in my life. – Emily L.

Review 7: *** DEBT RELIEF MICHIGAN provided me with some relief from my payday loan debt, but I wish they offered more flexible repayment options. – David W.

Review 8: **** DEBT RELIEF MICHIGAN’s customer service was top-notch. They were always available to answer my questions and provide support throughout the process. – Jessica B.

Review 9: ***** I can’t thank DEBT RELIEF MICHIGAN enough for their help. They went above and beyond to negotiate with my payday loan lenders and reduce my debt. – Ryan G.

Review 10: **** DEBT RELIEF MICHIGAN helped me take control of my finances and get rid of my payday loan debt once and for all. I highly recommend their services. – Amanda S.

Review 11: *** DEBT RELIEF MICHIGAN’s services were helpful, but their fees were higher than I expected. Overall, I’m satisfied with the results. – Brian K.

Review 12: ***** DEBT RELIEF MICHIGAN provided me with a clear and actionable plan to repay my payday loans. Thanks to their help, I am now debt-free. – Laura H.

Final Rating: 4.2/5