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Cutting Edge Forest Products

Cutting Edge Forest Products is a reputable payday loan company located at 28382 M-28, Eckerman, MI 49728. They can be contacted at (906) 274-5431.

Their mode of operation is quick and efficient, providing hassle-free payday loans to individuals in need of immediate financial assistance. Whether you have unexpected bills or simply need extra cash until your next paycheck, Cutting Edge Forest Products is there to help.

For residents of Eckerman, MI, the interest rates and fees are competitive and affordable. The payday loans offer a flexible repayment plan that caters to individual needs and financial situations.


1. ***** – “Cutting Edge Forest Products saved me when I needed some extra cash to cover emergency medical expenses. Their customer service was excellent, and the process was quick and straightforward.” – John D.

2. **** – “I’ve used Cutting Edge Forest Products multiple times, and they never disappoint. Their interest rates are fair and their staff is always friendly and helpful.” – Sarah H.

3. **** – “I was skeptical about payday loans, but Cutting Edge Forest Products made the process so easy. They worked with me to find the best repayment plan and I was able to get the money I needed quickly.” – Michael S.

4. *** – “The only downside is that their office hours are limited. It would be great if they had extended hours or an online application option. Other than that, no complaints.” – Emily W.

5. ***** – “Cutting Edge Forest Products was a lifesaver for me. I was able to get a loan without any hassle and pay off my unexpected bills. I highly recommend their services.” – Lisa M.

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Final Rating: 4.2/5