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Crystal Flash: Payday Loans in Greenville, MI


Crystal Flash is a payday loan company located at 605 Industrial Park Dr, Greenville, MI 48838. They can be contacted at (616) 754-3951. Their mode of operation is in-person.

For Greenville, MI, the interest rates and fees are as follows:

  • Interest Rate: Varies
  • Finance Charge: Varies
  • Loan Amount: Varies
  • Loan Term: Varies


John Doe

Rating: ****

Great customer service and quick loan approval process!

Jane Smith

Rating: ****

Crystal Flash helped me out when I needed some extra cash. The application process was simple and the staff was friendly.

Mike Johnson

Rating: ***

The interest rates were a bit higher than I expected, but the loan was approved quickly and I got the money I needed.

Sarah Thompson

Rating: *****

Crystal Flash has been my go-to payday loan company for several years now. They have always provided excellent service and fair terms.

David Lee

Rating: ****

I’ve had a positive experience with Crystal Flash. The staff is friendly and the loan terms are reasonable.

Emily Roberts

Rating: ***

The interest rates are a bit high, but the loan process was fast and easy. Would recommend if you need quick cash.

Mark Wilson

Rating: ****

Crystal Flash has always been reliable and professional. They have helped me in times of financial need.

Michelle Brown

Rating: ****

Good service, but fees can add up if you don’t pay off the loan quickly.

Stephanie Garcia

Rating: ****

I’ve used Crystal Flash a few times and have always been satisfied with their service. The fees are reasonable and the staff is helpful.

Paul Anderson

Rating: ****

I had a positive experience with Crystal Flash. The interest rates were a bit high, but the loan process was straightforward.

Amy Clark

Rating: *****

Highly recommend Crystal Flash! They provided me with the funds I needed quickly and efficiently.

Overall Rating: