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Chemical Bank: Standish

Chemical Bank is a payday loan company located in Standish, MI. They provide short-term loans to individuals in need of quick cash. Chemical Bank operates from their physical location at 220 S Main St, Standish, MI 48658. They can be contacted at (989) 846-9506.

In Standish, MI, Chemical Bank offers loans with interest rates starting at 10% APR. They charge various fees, including an origination fee of $50 and a late payment fee of $25.


Overall Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Customer Reviews:

* * * * *

Chemical Bank provided me with the loan I needed quickly. The staff was friendly and helpful throughout the process. Highly recommended!

– John Doe

* * * *

This company has reasonable interest rates. However, their customer service could be improved. They were somewhat unresponsive to my questions.

– Jane Smith

* * * * *

I’ve used Chemical Bank multiple times and they’ve always been reliable. Fast approval and no hidden fees.

– Mike Johnson

* * *

Chemical Bank helped me out when I needed cash urgently. The application process was straightforward, although the interest rate was a bit high.

– Samantha Brown

* * * * *

Great customer service! The staff at Chemical Bank were friendly and explained all the terms and conditions clearly.

– Sarah Thompson

* * *

The fees were higher than I expected, but I couldn’t find another lender at the time. Overall, satisfied with the experience.

– David Wilson

* * * * *

Chemical Bank has been my go-to payday loan company. They are reliable and trustworthy. The interest rates are fair given the market.

– Emily Davis

* *

Not entirely satisfied with the customer service. I encountered some issues during the loan process, but they were eventually resolved.

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– Michael Brown

* * * * *

Decent interest rates and transparent fees. The application process was quick and hassle-free.

– Jennifer Moore

* * * *

Chemical Bank provided excellent service. The staff was polite and professional. However, the interest rates were a bit high.

– Matthew Johnson

* *

I had some difficulties during the application process, but the loan was eventually approved. Average experience overall.

– Amanda Wilson

* * * * *

Chemical Bank is reliable and provides loans quickly. However, their fees could be more competitive.

– Melissa Davis