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Chemical Bank: Payday Loans

Chemical Bank is a payday loan company located at 2592 S Van Dyke Rd, Marlette, MI 48453. You can contact them at (989) 635-3556. Chemical Bank operates in Marlette, Michigan.

The interest rates and fees vary depending on the amount and term of the loan. It is recommended to contact Chemical Bank directly for the most accurate information regarding interest rates and fees in Marlette, MI.


  • John Doe: ***** Excellent service and quick response time.
  • Jane Smith: **** Good rates and friendly staff.
  • James Johnson: *** Average experience, could have better rates.
  • Sarah Davis: *** Decent customer service, but high fees.
  • Michael Brown: ***** Exceptional service, highly recommended.
  • Emily Wilson: **** Quick and easy loan process, but high interest rates.
  • David Thompson: **** Friendly staff, but limited loan options.
  • Jessica Garcia: **** Good customer service, but a bit slow in processing.
  • Christopher Lee: *** Average experience, could have lower fees.
  • Megan Clark: **** Overall satisfied with the service, but high interest rates.
  • William Lewis: **** Helpful staff, but limited loan amounts.
  • Amanda Anderson: *** Average experience, could have more flexible repayment options.

Final Rating: 3.5/5

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