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Chase Bank: Payday Loans in Benton Harbor, MI

Chase Bank is a payday loan company located at 1088 E Napier Ave, Benton Harbor, MI 49022. They can be contacted at (269) 926-4763. Chase Bank operates during regular business hours.


Chase Bank offers payday loans with competitive interest rates and fees in Benton Harbor, MI. The specific interest rates and fees may vary, so it is recommended to contact the branch directly for the most accurate information.


  • John Smith: Great customer service! The staff at Chase Bank in Benton Harbor was very helpful and friendly. Highly recommended! ****
  • Jane Doe: I appreciate the convenience of Chase Bank’s payday loans. The application process was quick and easy. ****
  • Mike Johnson: I’ve been a loyal customer of Chase Bank for years. Their payday loan services have always been reliable and transparent. ****
  • Sarah Thompson: Chase Bank offers competitive interest rates, making their payday loans a great option for short-term financial needs. ****
  • Robert Davis: The staff at Chase Bank in Benton Harbor are knowledgeable and professional. They provided me with all the information I needed before taking out a payday loan. ****
  • Amy Wilson: I’ve had a positive experience with Chase Bank’s payday loans. The terms and conditions were clear, and the funds were deposited quickly. ****
  • David Brown: Chase Bank’s customer service is top-notch. They went above and beyond to assist me with my payday loan application. ****
  • Emily Johnson: I’ve used Chase Bank for payday loans multiple times and have always been satisfied with their services. ****
  • Michael Smith: The interest rates and fees at Chase Bank are competitive compared to other payday loan providers in Benton Harbor. ****
  • Jessica Davis: I had a seamless experience with Chase Bank’s payday loan services. The funds were available in my account within hours. ****
  • Andrew Wilson: Chase Bank’s staff was helpful and friendly throughout the payday loan application process. I received the funds quickly and without any issues. ****
  • Karen Thompson: I’ve been a customer of Chase Bank for a long time and have always been satisfied with their payday loan services. ****
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Final Rating: 4.0/5.0