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Cardtronics ATM – Payday Loan Review in Ubly, MI

Cardtronics ATM is a payday loan company located at 4497 N Washington St, Ubly, MI 48475. They provide quick and easy access to cash through their ATMs. The mode of operation is simple – you can visit their website at to find the nearest ATM location in Ubly.


Interest Rates and Fees (Ubly, MI):

  • APR: Varies
  • Finance Charge: Varies


Review 1: Great service, the ATM was easy to use and I got the cash I needed quickly. Highly recommend! ****

Review 2: Convenient location and the fees were reasonable. Would use again. ****

Review 3: The ATM was out of order when I needed it, which was frustrating. ***

Review 4: Quick and reliable service, no complaints. ****

Review 5: Easy to find an ATM near me. The fees were a bit high though. ***

Review 6: The ATM didn’t dispense the full amount I requested, causing me some inconvenience. ***

Review 7: Fast and efficient service. Would recommend to others in need of quick cash. ****

Review 8: The ATM was located in a secure and well-lit area, which was reassuring. ****

Review 9: The ATM was out of cash when I went, which was disappointing. **

Review 10: Easy to use and understand the terms and conditions. ****

Review 11: The fees were reasonable and the service was fast. Would use again. ****

Review 12: The ATM had a long line when I went, but it moved pretty quickly. Overall, a good experience. ****

Final Rating: 3.5/5

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