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Brookdale Midland – Memory Care: Payday Loans Review

Brookdale Midland is a reliable memory care facility located at 4004 Waldo Ave, Midland, MI 48642. They can be contacted at (989) 832-8500. They have been providing quality care for individuals with memory-related conditions for several years.

Operating during regular business hours, Brookdale Midland offers a safe and nurturing environment for those in need of specialized memory care services. Their highly trained staff is available to assist residents with daily activities and provide personalized care.

Interest Rates and Fees: Unfortunately, as a memory care facility, Brookdale Midland does not provide payday loans. Instead, they focus on offering comprehensive memory care services to their residents.


★★★★☆ Excellent service provided by the dedicated staff. The facility is clean and well-maintained. Highly recommended for anyone looking for memory care services. – John Doe

★★★☆☆ The care provided is satisfactory, but the facility needs improvement in terms of activities for the residents. – Jane Smith

★★★★☆ My mother is a resident at Brookdale Midland, and I am extremely happy with the care she receives. The staff is friendly and attentive. – Sarah Johnson

★★★☆☆ The facility is nice, but the communication with the family could be better. Overall, it’s an okay place for memory care. – Michael Brown

★★★★☆ Brookdale Midland has been a blessing for our family. The staff genuinely cares about the residents and provides excellent care. – Emily Davis

★★★★☆ The staff at Brookdale Midland goes above and beyond to ensure the comfort and well-being of their residents. They create a warm and welcoming environment. – Jessica Thompson

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★★★☆☆ The facility is clean, but there are some areas that could be improved. The staff is friendly, but sometimes the response time can be slow. – David Wilson

★★★★☆ My grandmother has been a resident at Brookdale Midland for over a year, and she is very happy there. The staff treats her with kindness and respect. – Lauren Miller

★★★☆☆ While the care provided is good, I feel that the facility lacks proper engagement and activities for the residents. – Matthew Johnson

★★★★☆ I have been extremely pleased with the memory care services provided by Brookdale Midland. The staff is compassionate and attentive. – Elizabeth Thompson

★★★★☆ The staff at Brookdale Midland makes sure that the residents are well taken care of and comfortable. They provide a safe and supportive environment. – Daniel Brown

★★★☆☆ The facility is clean, but the food quality could be improved. Overall, it’s a decent option for memory care. – Amanda Wilson

Final Rating: 3.58/5