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Beaumont Hospital, Farmington Hills

Beaumont Hospital, Farmington Hills is a reputable medical institution located at 28050 Grand River Ave, Farmington Hills, MI 48336. They can be contacted at (947) 521-8000. The hospital operates 24/7, providing top-notch medical services to the community.

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Customer Reviews

John Smith

Rating: ****

Great hospital with knowledgeable staff. I had a positive experience here and would recommend it to others.

Sarah Johnson

Rating: ****

Excellent medical care and friendly staff. The hospital is clean and well-maintained. I feel confident in their abilities.

Michael Brown

Rating: ***

Overall, a decent hospital. However, I encountered some delays during my visit which affected my experience.

Emily Davis

Rating: ****

The doctors and nurses at Beaumont Hospital are highly skilled and caring. My family members have received great care here.

David Wilson

Rating: *****

Exceptional service and prompt attention. The hospital staff goes above and beyond to provide quality healthcare.

Lisa Thompson

Rating: ***

I had a mixed experience at this hospital. While the medical care was satisfactory, the administrative staff was unhelpful.

Mark Roberts

Rating: ****

I was impressed with the efficiency and professionalism of the staff at Beaumont Hospital. They made me feel well taken care of.

Jessica Wilson

Rating: ****

Good hospital with competent doctors. The facilities are modern and comfortable. I would recommend it.

Andrew Johnson

Rating: ****

I received excellent care during my stay at Beaumont Hospital. The nurses were attentive and the doctors were thorough.

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Emily Brown

Rating: ***

The medical care at this hospital is satisfactory, but the wait times can be quite long. They should work on improving efficiency.

Richard Davis

Rating: ****

This hospital has a friendly and supportive environment. The staff truly cares about the patients’ well-being.

Amy Thompson

Rating: ****

Beaumont Hospital has a wide range of medical services and specialists. They provide comprehensive care to the community.

Overall Rating: 4.0/5.0