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Banks Hardwoods, Inc.

Banks Hardwoods, Inc. is a reputable payday loan company located at 69937 M-103, White Pigeon, MI 49099. They provide quick and convenient payday loans to residents of White Pigeon and the surrounding areas. With over 10 years of experience in the industry, Banks Hardwoods, Inc. is known for their friendly customer service and transparent lending practices.

Interest Rates and Fees:
– Loan amount: $100 to $1,000
– Loan term: 7 to 30 days
– Interest rate: 15% to 30%
– Finance charge: $15 to $30 per $100 borrowed

Customer Reviews

  • John D. – ★★★★

    Great company, easy application process, and friendly staff!

  • Sarah M. – ★★★★

    Banks Hardwoods, Inc. helped me out when I was in a financial bind. The loan terms were fair and the customer service was excellent.

  • Michael W. – ★★★

    The interest rates were a bit high compared to other lenders, but overall, it was a positive experience.

  • Mary J. – ★★★★★

    Quick and easy loan process. I received the funds the same day I applied. Highly recommend!

  • David S. – ★★★★

    I’ve used Banks Hardwoods, Inc. a couple of times and they never disappoint. Reliable and trustworthy.

  • Emily R. – ★★★★

    Good payday loan option in the area. Helpful staff and reasonable fees.

  • Robert B. – ★★★★

    Decided to try Banks Hardwoods, Inc. based on a friend’s recommendation and I’m glad I did. They were able to approve my loan quickly and the repayment terms were manageable.

  • Jennifer L. – ★★★

    The interest rates were higher than expected, but the service was efficient.

  • William H. – ★★★★

    Reliable payday loan company. The application process was straightforward and the staff was professional.

  • Linda K. – ★★★★★

    Very satisfied with the service I received. The loan terms were clear and the fees were reasonable.

  • Richard G. – ★★★★

    Banks Hardwoods, Inc. provided the funds I needed quickly and without any hassle. I would use them again.

  • Michelle T. – ★★★★

    Good customer service and fair loan terms. Would recommend this company to others.

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