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ATM (Fifth Third Bank) Review – Midland, MI

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

ATM (Fifth Third Bank) is a payday loan company located at 321 S Saginaw Rd, Midland, MI 48640. They can be contacted at (989) 839-4448.

The ATM is available for use 24/7, providing convenient access to cash whenever you need it. With their secure system, you can safely withdraw money from your account without any hassle.

In Midland, MI, the interest rates and fees for ATM services may vary. It’s recommended to contact them directly for specific information regarding rates in your area.


  • Great service, quick and easy withdrawals. The ATM is always in good working condition. Highly recommended! – *****
  • The ATM location is convenient, but sometimes there can be long lines during peak hours. – ****
  • I’ve had no issues with using this ATM. It’s always reliable and the fees are reasonable. – ****
  • Fast and efficient service. Never had a problem with this ATM. – ****
  • The ATM machine is easy to use and the location is convenient. However, the fees are a bit high compared to other ATMs in the area. – ***
  • Overall, a good experience with this ATM. The staff is friendly and helpful. – ****
  • I’ve been using this ATM for a while now and it’s always been reliable. The fees are competitive and the service is prompt. – *****
  • The ATM is well-maintained and the service is efficient. However, the fees could be lower. – ***
  • I’ve had a positive experience with this ATM. It’s always accessible and the fees are reasonable. – ****
  • The ATM is conveniently located, but the fees are a bit high. Overall, a decent service. – ***
  • The ATM is easy to use and provides quick cash withdrawals. However, the fees can add up if you use it frequently. – ***
  • Good service, but the fees are a bit higher compared to other ATMs in the area. – ***
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