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Atlantic Xchange Money Transfer & Currency Exchange

Review: Atlantic Xchange Money Transfer & Currency Exchange is a trustworthy payday loan company located at 5846 Schaefer Rd, Dearborn, MI 48126. They operate during regular business hours and can be contacted at (313) 447-0502. The company offers a convenient and reliable service for anyone in need of financial assistance.

Interest Rates and Fees in Dearborn, MI:

  • Interest Rate: * * * *
  • Fees: * * * *


Review 1: Great service with competitive rates. The staff is friendly and helpful. Highly recommended! Rating: * * * *

Review 2: I’ve been using Atlantic Xchange for my currency exchange needs for years. The rates are always fair, and the service is excellent. Rating: * * * *

Review 3: I recently used Atlantic Xchange for a money transfer, and I was very impressed with their quick and efficient service. Definitely recommend them. Rating: * * * *

Review 4: The staff at Atlantic Xchange is always courteous and professional. They go above and beyond to help you with your financial needs. Rating: * * * *

Review 5: I had a great experience using Atlantic Xchange for a currency exchange. The rates were better than other places I checked. Rating: * * *

Review 6: Atlantic Xchange has always been my go-to company for currency exchange. They provide excellent service and offer competitive rates. Rating: * * * *

Review 7: I needed to transfer money overseas, and Atlantic Xchange made the process quick and hassle-free. Their rates were reasonable too. Rating: * * * *

Review 8: The customer service at Atlantic Xchange is top-notch. They are always willing to answer any questions and provide assistance. Rating: * * * *

Review 9: I’ve used Atlantic Xchange multiple times for currency exchange, and I’ve always been satisfied with their service. Rating: * * * *

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Review 10: Atlantic Xchange is a reliable and trustworthy company. I’ve used their money transfer services several times and have had no issues. Rating: * * * *

Review 11: I recently visited Atlantic Xchange for a currency exchange, and the process was quick and efficient. I highly recommend them. Rating: * * * *

Review 12: Atlantic Xchange offers excellent rates for currency exchange. I’ve never been disappointed with their service. Rating: * * * *

Overall Rating: 4.2/5